Why do I have few listens on Spotify or the other stores?

It is a simple question that many people ask themselves, and the answer is just as simple.
Today, the Web has become a real resource, so there are many who want to take advantage of its enormous possibilities.

Those who have experienced promoting themselves on the streets, among people, know that the only way is to get their music heard, with the help of speakers, taking advantage of crowded squares.
But is this possible on the Internet? Being there is not the only thing that matters, and it is not enough, since it is impossible to be found in the midst of an endless multitude of those who perhaps offer the same kind of service, or again, have much more powerful means to promote themselves (lots of dough, ed.).

There are those who think that it is enough to upload a song on any platform, to have an army of fans ready to devour it. Nothing could be more wrong! So, it is time to ask some questions.
Why should they listen to me?
How do they know me among the boundless “ocean” of musicians?

It takes dynamism!

One has to build relationships, cultivate followers, create a fan page (in this sense, Spotify offers very interesting promotion tools but almost all digital stores and social networks now).

Choosing the social-network best suited to one’s needs and establishing relationships with one’s listeners, exchanging jokes, being a spokesperson for oneself has become indispensable.
Only in this way is it possible to do promotion, to believe in one’s dream and consequently to ride that untamed “sea of fans,” until one completely tames it, like the best of surfers, in the wild waves of Malibu.