Why do we need to listen to your music ?

We are a company that deals through our software to analyze, promote and distribute music on the best digital stores, but our soul scouting, is always looking for new talent:

Because our vision has always been different, although our artists remain independent from record constraints, we want the most deserving ones to have extra support from You Independent on digital platforms, and to be marked as quality music.

Today, digital music stores, such as Spotify, manage to share 60,000 tracks a day, we believe that quantity, despite promising immediate gains, in the long run lowers the level of credibility of a distributor, whose job is also to present tracks to the right playlists, to get an artist to the right ears and meet the expectations of his present and future audience.

Who is our ideal partner?

Courageous and talented record companies and Artists who offer something truly innovative to the music scene.

We at You independent are looking for, a respected music historian and unreleased tracks.

If music for you is not just a temporary pastime but the calling card and the strength, with which you show the world that you believe in yourself, submit your tracks and Let us hear your music!
If your music is evaluated as interesting and of interest to us, our team of experts will assess your talent and provide you with the tools you need to get your music everywhere.